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Model Rockets

The CRG conducts model and low-power rocket launches from a private property to the south of Yass, NSW. The area that the group has been given permission to use is an easy 45 minute drive from Belconnen via the Barton highway.  The initial launch site has access for standard vehicles (there is a short dirt road) and is adjacent to the landowner's residence.  The property has several other areas that may be able to be used for mid-power launches - these will require a little bit of work to make ready, but have great potential.

The recovery area measures approximately 780 x 800 metres, with the proposed launch areas suiting the prevailing westerly breezes.

Controlled airspace above this area commences at a height of 6,500 feet above mean sea-level, which is approximately 4,750 feet above ground level at the site.

The Google Earth and Visual Terminal Chart (aviation) images linked below (click each for larger versions) should help you locate the field if you are planning a visit (see the Launch Calendar pages) and understand the airspace classifications above and around the site.

PLEASE NOTE:  This site is completely on private property.  There is to be strictly no access outside of scheduled launch meetings.

Site Map (Google Maps) Visual Terminal Chart Driving Directions
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Take the Barton Highway north, passing through Murrumbateman.

Take the exit to the left onto Yass valley way, and then at the roundabout, take the first exit onto Yass River Road.

After approximately 4.7 km, take Manton Road to your left and then follow the track for about 400m. Head for the water tank up on the hill.

As a guide - based on the site dimensions and the TRA / CASA guidelines, the site is limited to the flight of model rockets weighing less than 1,500 grams, and using motors of size "G" or lower.

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