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Safety matters! 

These pages deal with the vital subject of safety in all aspects of rocketry activities.

Most would be aware of the various safety codes and guidelines that exist to provide a 'base level' of safety for general preparation, launch and flight activities.

Most of the codes I have come across on the 'net are based on the US National Association of Rocketry (NAR) or the Tripoli Rocketry Association (TRA) publications that are available on their websites.

The CRG operates under the Tripoli Rocketry Association safety codes - I encourage all particpants and those interested in getting involved with rocketry activties to download these and become familiar with their content.

Modern model, high-power and amateur rocketry has an excellent safety record around the world and it statistically safer than many sporting activties. Please don't endanger that record, yourself or others by not adopting and following the guidelines.

Please consider downloading & printing the appropriate pages and keeping a copy with your range documentation.

 Model Rocketry Safety Guidelines (PDF Document)
 High-Power Rocketry Safety Guidelines (PDF Document)

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