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The federal legislation (law) that governs hobby rocketry in the ACT (and the rest of Australia) is administered by the Civil Aviation Safety Authority. CASA publish a whole swag of information, which sometimes can be a chore to navigate through, however the most relevant information that all rocketry hobbyists need to know is linked below.

 Civil Aviation Safety Regulations, Sub-part 101.H Rockets

 Advisory Circular 101-2(0) (Unmanned aircraft and rockets - Rockets - note: pdf file).

In the Australian Capital Territory, the use of model & hobby rocketry motors ("propulsion devices") is regulated through the Dangerous Substances Act 2004 and the Dangerous Substances (Explosives) Regulation 2004. These instruments make provision for model rocket motors, and define those to be "commercially manufactured devices designed for the propulsion of model rockets".

In NSW, use of model rocket propellant devices is overseen by the WorkCover Authority and is based on the requirements of the Explosives Act 2003, the Explosives Regulation 2013.
Specific licences are required to purchase, transport, possess and use Model Rocket Propellant Devices with a propellant mass greater than 62.5 grams - please see the additional detail
presented on our High Power Rocketry pages.


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