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Canberra Rocketry Group is a prefecture of the Tripoli Rocketry Association Inc (TRA) - an international rocketry body based in the US. The TRA provides affiliated clubs and their members with guidance and insurance coverage for all TRA and organised prefecture launches.


Visitors and those interested in potential membership and pursuit of this amazing activity are very welcome to join us at any of our organised launches - either as a spectator or guest participant.

Sponsored flying - guests

If you have built a low or mid-powered rocket and would like to fly it before considering joining, we can provide a one-day sponsored launch arrangement, whereby one of our members will supervise and act as the responsible party for the preparation and launch of your rocket. This is a great way to start, as our mentors can provide all kinds of hints and tips to ensure your experience is a good one.

After you are basking in the glory of your successful 'space shot', why not consider joining?  It's a great hobby that provides a wide range of options and challenges.

Why not come along, speak to our experienced rocketeers and see what it's all about!

Joining the Tripoli Rocketry Association

Memberships of the TRA is a prerequisite for all Canberra Rocketry Group members. Joining the TRA is easy - just jump over to their online system, fill out your details and in no time you'll receive your nice shiny Tripoli membership card and information folder.
Once you are a TRA member (a copy of the membership receipt is sufficient to get started), come along to a launch (if you haven't already - see above) and test your skills as a rocketeer!

Joining the Canberra Rocketry Group

CRG has a modest membership fee structure aimed at covering the costs of our licensing, approvals, equipment maintenance and club operations.

CRG Membership fees:

Member CategoryFull Year Fees (for next FY)
Full Year Fees (for current FY) Part-year Fees (for current financial year)
if paid in May or June if paid in July
if paid in Aug or Sept
if paid in Oct through March
if paid in April
All ages - Level 0 (i.e. doing low & mid-power flights only)
Senior (18+) - Level 1, 2, 3 (i.e. doing high,mid & low power flights)
This special category of membership is reserved by the CRG Committee to recognise non-flying persons who have contributed significantly to the development and operation of the group.

FormMembership form - please send by email to

Payment details

Please make payment by bank transfer (details below) or bring to a launch.

Account Name: Canberra Rocketry Group Inc.
Bank: Westpac
Account Number:
BSB: 032747


CRG is a very collegiate group, with members of all ages and experience levels.  If you're a bit unsure about how to put together that next amazing launch vehicle, help is at hand!
We also have a growing group of High Power certified members, so if it is the bigger stuff that you're interested in, we can explain the pathway and help with all preparations.

Please feel free to contact CRG with any queries -

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