International Experimental Aerospace Society

The IEAS is a growing international association of individuals and groups that share the vision of advancing aerospace science by promoting active experimentation and project development.

The Canberra Rocketry Group is pleased to have an association with the IEAS and hopes that those keen on developing their rocketry beyond the 'everyday' will adopt and follow the IEAS principles and guidelines.

Communication is vital and it is hoped that CRG participants will use the IEAS forums to share their work, sucesses, failures and experiences for all to benefit.

The IEAS Mission and Vision statements capture the essence of the concept and it is suggested that you have a read of these to get a feel for the direction and intent of the society.

Please visit the IEAS website at and explore the information available. Be sure to visit the forums too, at and ask a question, have your say or just get involved.

IEAS Vision We, the members of the IEAS, share the vision of a world:

Where private individuals can legally and safely research, build, ground test, and flight test their aerospace experiments and share their results.

Where newcomers can quickly learn proven techniques, yet are free to challenge existing theories and push the envelope of current knowledge.

Where researchers can work together to achieve higher goals.

Where youth are inspired to study the fields that will enable mankind's next great advancements.

Where amateur scientists and engineers help advance the art and science of rocketry and space exploration.

IEAS Mission The IEAS's mission is to promote, support, and protect private individuals' ability to safely engage in experimental aerospace activities.

Promote: To encourage experimental aerospace worldwide among people of all ages and help them increase their knowledge, experience, and expertise in the fundamentals of rocket and space science and associated enabling technologies.

Support: Provide opportunities for exchange of information and coordination of services that enable private individuals to safely engage in experimental aerospace activities.

Protect: To assist and encourage regulatory authorities to permit safe experimental aerospace activities.

Private Individuals: Our focus is on individual experimenters world-wide.

Safely Engage: We will act as a focal point for the dissemination of safety information and best practices and will encourage all members to maintain safety as a primary issue in planning and execution of their experimental aerospace activities.

Experimental: Activities undertaken for the purposes of research, education, and product development.

Aerospace: Technologies related to rocketry and spacecraft.

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