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High Power Rocketry

To provide members with a wider range of rocketry activity and development opportunities, the Canberra Rocketry Group has established an approved site
for low, medium and high-power rocketry in NSW.

Located in the Bland Shire, approximately 15km to the north of Ardlethan, NSW, the site is on an open and flat rural property, and through the generosity
and support of our landowner, has been made available for rocketry activities throughout the low fire risk months of the year - generally April to September.

Picture of the HPR launch site

What is High-Power Rocketry in NSW?

Basically, propellant weights, total impulses or average thrust above the limits set for model rocketry below:

A model rocket is defined as having an installed total impulse of 320 N-sec and no more than 125g of propellant.
A model rocket motor has no greater than 160 N-sec impulse and an average thrust of no greater than 80 N.
These are taken from NFPA 1127 (clauses and ) which the CRG adopted as our safety code.
CASA also restricts the total impulse of model rockets to 320 N-sec.
We are also limited in NSW to a maximum of 62.5 grams of propellant in each model rocket motor. Anything above this requires a Pyrotechnician's Licence and Security Clearance from Workcover.

Please note the difference between "Model Rocket" and "Model Rocket motor".

A low/mid power Rocket can have up to a total impulse of 320 N-sec and 125 g propellant but each motor in that rocket can have no more than 160N-sec total impulse
and an average thrust of 80 Newtons and no more than 62.5 grams of propellant.

So a low/mid power rocket is limited to:

a) a single motor with a maximum of 160 N-sec total impulse and a maximum average thrust of 80N and a maximum of 62.5 grams of propellant,  or
b) a combination of motors that does not exceed a total impuse of 320 N-sec and 125g propellant and no single motor in that rocket exceeding that specified in a) above

While a good general rule is Low/Mid power is limited to no more than a G80, when ordering motors from any source, please ensure that you check the motor description to make sure that you are
compling with the rules for motors. Some motors may fall wtihin the total and average thrust limit but contain more propellant than is allowed, bringing them into the High Power category.


Civil Aviation Safety Authority

Our site is authorised under CASA instrument SY13/12 and has a 2,500m radius and ceiling of 15,000 ft AMSL, being 3,000 ft below the class-E controlled airspace commencement at 18,000 ft.

Airservices Australia

When active, the range operates under a standard AirServices NOTAM, which typically provides for flights between 0800 to 1700 local on each day of the launch.

Safework NSW (previously Workcover NSW)

All High-Power rocketry activity in NSW must be conducted by approved persons and in accordance with the specific approval of Safework NSW.


Those wishing to purchase, store and transport HPR motors (falling under the provisions for Explosives in NSW) must hold a current Security Clearance issued
by Safework.  In addition, users of HPR motors must also hold a current Pyrotechnicians Licence, endorsed for rocketry motors with a propellant mass greater than 62.5 grams.

Interstate participants wishing to participate in a Canberra Rocketry Group launch and fly High-Power must ensure that they hold licences that are accepted by NSW as equivalent to the local
requirements.  It is the responsibility of individual rocketeers to ensure that they are appropriately licenced.


As the CRG operates as a prefecture of the Tripoli Rocketry Association, the launch site approval extends to financial (and where applicable, certificated) members of the TRA. Members of other recognised
associations are also very welcome to fly - the only provisions being that we need to sight a copy of their current membership and have a little bit of advanced notice of the intention to join us, so that we can extend the necessary insurance coverage.

Guests are welcome to fly to the limits of their certification level, provided they can demonstrate compliance with the applicable safety codes and satisfy all NSW regulatory and licencing requirements.

We don't just fly HPR either - everything is flown at our HPR launches, and we have several members who have managed a 'full house' of low and MPR flights - i.e. at least one A, B, C, D, E, F and G impulse!


Quite a few options exist for accommodation and meals in the local area.  We can thoroughly recommend the London Hotel (12 Mirrool St, Ardlethan) for the quality and value of meals, rooms and service.


The schedule for HPR launch activity is outlined on our Calendar pages.  CRG members will be regularly emailed as to plans for upcoming events, however if you are from another club or group and would like to
inquire about attending our next launch, please drop us a line.

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