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Check in here from time to time for the latest news on the group and it's activities.  For up-to-the-minute information, be sure to follow @CBRocketry on Twitter.

13 August 2018
CRG is holding a good-old Sausage Sizzle at Bunnings Gungahlin on Saturday 25 August.  If you can help out with a morning or afternoon shift, please drop us an email as soon as possible.  This is a great opportunity to help the CRG put together some more infrastructure and gear for all members.  Think Hybrid GSE, storage sheds, the works!
23 June 2018
New Record Set.  CRG Level 2 rocketeer Warren Osborne has officially claimed the CRG's Peak Altitude record at the recent all-class launch in Ardlethan.  Powered by an Aerotech K805, his Mad Cow 2.6" Tomach climbed out to a spectacular 12,118 ft - reaching Mach 1.46 in the process.  Descending under drogue and then main at 600', the Saturday flight was flawless - even down to it's perfect landing between the trees at 1.6 km from the launch site.  And to show us all it wasn't a fluke - he turned around again on the Sunday and hit 12,479 ft - breaking his own record!.  Well done indeed Woz, for showing us all how its done!  Have a look at the launch video amongst our compilation clip.
7 May 2018
CRG and the Tripoli Rocketry Association is proudly supporting teams entered in the Australian Universities' Rocketry Competition. Should be an amazing demeonstration of ingenuity and skills.
14 February 2018
CRG is attending this year's Connect and Participate Expo at the Kingston Old Bus Depot, on 24 March 2018.  If in town, why not drop in, say g'day and check out the latest member builds and technology.
4 February 2018
Across the week spanning 8 - 16 September, the CRG will be attending and demonstrating at not one but two country agricultural shows!  The Ariah Park show is on Sunday September 9 and the Ardlethan show comes around again on 15 September.  Between those, the CRG will hold an extended all-classes launch on 12-14 September.  A great week of rocketry goodness not to be missed!
25 September 2017
A big congratulations to all the lads from the USyd Rocketry Team on the successful development and launch of their Wedgetail X vehicle at our last HPR launch.  Powered by an Aerotech L900DM motor, the rocket flew straight and true, and was a true spectacle.  Credit must go to the team for thinking on their feet to source a critical missing component for the motor load, and to local Jack Stewart, for helping the team out with some superb machining skills.

Usyd Rocketry Team
1 September 2017
Ardlethan Show time!  The CRG will be putting on a series of low-power rocketry demonstrations at this year's Ardlethan Show, to be held on Saturday 16 September.  Come along, join in the festivities and support the great community.
1 August 2017
Our 2017 AGM is to be held at 0830 on August 6, 2017, at our Manton Road site.  All members very welcome.
1 July 2017
Welcome Tripoli!  The CRG is proud to announce that we are now an official prefecture of the Tripoli Rocketry AssociationTripoli Southern Highlands (or TRASH...catchy eh!) is prefecture #155 of the TRA and I would like to personally extend my gratitude to Tony Buckmaster, who is our inaugural Prefect.  Our transition to the TRA comes with it some membership changes, and the details will be posted on our Memberships page shortly.
4 June 2017
The CRG hosted a team of students and educators from St Francis Xavier College and helped them with the launch of Courage 2, a LOC Precision Fantom 438 EXL. The team, with support from Samsung, were endeavouring to launch a Gear 360 C200 camera and a Galaxy S7 (running the Insane Rockets app).  Needless to say, they succeeded brilliantly and despite the challenges of keeping the vehicle weight down (flight was powered by an Aerotech G76), the flights went off without a hitch!  Well done team, and thanks for choosing to fly with the Canberra Rocketry Group. Check out the flight video, data and Gizmodo article.
3 April 2017
Congratulations to our latest High-Power graduate - Warren O showed us how to do it, with an impeccable Level-1 certification flight. Well done Warren.
19 December 2016
2017 Calendar Up!  Our 2017 schedule of Low/Mid and High Power launches has been posted, so mark the dates in your calendar and get building.  It will be a great year!
28 September 2015
CRG in the news!  Great ABC news item on the CRG's September HPR launch - have a watch online - ABC news item.
18 May 2015 Thanks to the Clarissa Thorpe and members, a great web article on the CRG's activities and history - have a look at the article and/or listen to an interview with Nev B (President) and Dom Knight of ABC Radio.
13 April 2015
The CRG's Sausage Sizzle Spectacular was a resounding success.  Thanks to Mark, John & Tony for the organisation, and to Cary, Paul and Wendee for all the help. Check out the CRG's FaceBook page for some pics.
12 January 2015
2015 launch calendar posted!  Our schedule for Low/Mid and High power launches has been posted.  Hope to see you at one!
13 September 2014
The CRG's stand and demo at the Gunning Fireworks Festival was a great success, with good crowds enjoying the demonstration of low-power rockets (and a few low latitude mid-power displays using the Art Applewhite 'Stealth'.  Getting the word out about rocketry was what it was all about, and massive thanks to Mark & Family, Tony and family, and John D for making it happen.  A few pics on the site here, and a few more up on our FaceTube page.
10 August 2014
The CRG's final combined high, medium and low-power launch is locked-in for 26-28 September.  As always, this promises to be a brilliant weekend of rocketry excellence.  If interested in attending, please pop and email to
2 June 2014
Goin' Postal Challenge!
Just use a 60mm standard Aus Post tube and design it to fly for maximum duration on a D12 motor.  The fly-off will be held at next month's MPR/LPR launch (6 July) so get buildin'!

20 May 2014
May HPR launch cancellation. Apologies to all who were planning to attend our May HPR launch at Ardlethan.  As most probably know, my beautiful wife, and Megan and Reilly's wonderful mum Nicolé passed away on May 14, with the committee choosing to cancel the launch out of respect, and to allow the team to come to Nic's service.  Thank you all from the very bottom of my heart.  I promise that Ardlethan 5.1 will be simply awesome.  For those wanting to remember (or meet) Nic, please spend a bit of time over at her memorial page.
9 February 2014
Unfortunately our February launch had to be cancelled due to fire weather considerations, however our next LPR / MPR launch on 2 March should be a goer if conditions are suitable.  The subsequent weekend of 7 - 9 March is confirmed as our first High Power Launch of 2014, and is shaping up to be an unmissable event.  If you're considering attending, please drop us a line.
6 January 2014
Happy New Year to all!  The launch calendar for 2014 has now been posted, with our usual first Sunday of the month being continued for Low and Medium power launches from our Yass site. Four HPR launches are tentatively scheduled for 2014 - March, May July and September.  We're currently working to try and avoid clashing with launches being planned by other clubs, so as to allow as many visitors as possible, and to allow our members the opportunity to do the same.  We'll post details here and on the Facebook page as soon as confirmed.
6 January 2014
The CRG has been the subject of an article that appeared in Canberra's CityNews magazine - a weekly free journal of all things happening in and around Canberra.  Thanks to Mark B for helping with the interviews and bringing along some demo vehicles.
1 October 2013
The HPR page has been updated to clarify the distinction between Low/Medium power and High Power motors.  Please know your limits, and if sure, ask one of our helpfull committee!
17 July 2013
Documents page added - including download links for .pdf and .doc versions of the CRG's flight card template.
17 July 2013
HPR page is now up - for details and information about the CRG's more advanced activity.
17 July 2013
The CRG is now an incorporated association!  Huge thanks to Tony B and all for their efforts in getting the constitution set up and established.  The club's first Annual General Meeting is scheduled for 4 August 2013 at our Manton Road launch site - after the morning's flying. A working bee will also be held after lunch to establish a more permanent launch area with a concrete base for the pads.
17 July 2013
Our second HPR launch was a huge success - thanks to all for attending, assisting and keeping things smooth and safe. Check out the albums and report.
6 May 2013
Open-Rocket version 13.05 released - download from the SourceForge website and try it out.
23 March 2013
Our first HPR launch has been approved and is locked and looking good for April 13-14.  Contact us for all the details.
3 January 2013The launch calendar for 2013 has been finalised, and our high-power plans are progressing, with two dates locked in for 2013:  13-14 April and 6-7 July.  Details to be posted on the HPR pages soon.
29 October 2012The 'C-Motor Challenge' is on!  Join us for our November 5 launch and witness the spectacle of a C6-5 powered multiple rocket altitude drag race!  HPR it ain't, but it should be great fun! The plan is to launch a collection of rockets, powered by Estes C6-5 motors, and carrying the Jolly Logic Altimeter One (or two).  Highest flight, with a sucessful recovery will be the victor!
19 September 2012HPR here we come!  Thanks to the sterling efforts of Phil Moore and our colleagues from the ARA, we now have CASA approval for our HPR launch site, near Beckhom, NSW.  Once all the associated clearances and notifications have been addressed, I'll pop up more details in the HPR section of the site.
3 September 2012CRG is on Facebook!  Big kudos to Tony B (ably assisted by Alex) for putting together and maintaining the CRG's Facebook page - looks great!
2 September 2012Raffle Winners!  Congratulations to the following folks who were the lucky winners of the CRG's 'Getting Started in Rocketry Raffle'
1st Prize - Michael, c/- Yerrabi, ACT
2nd Prize - Brandon Dunlop c/-  Uni of Canberra
3rd Prize - Mr Morsa, Palmerston, ACT
A big thanks to everyone who purchased a ticket for their support of the CRG.
25 August 2012Well, the UC open day went really well, with a great turnout and some fantastic weather.  Big thanks to Tony B and Rob B for all the help pulling things together. Lots of brochures handed out, raffle tickets sold (see above) and tall tales told.  Thanks also to Phil M and the ARA team for getting the support materials and info over.  Check out our stand photos!
7 July 2012Open-day coming up at the Uni of Canberra - Saturday 25 August - why not drop in and say g'day to the CRG guys!
15 April 2012Updated the Suppliers' page with working links and current details
6 March 2012ARA fees reduced!  All NSW and ACT rocketeers (new and renewing members alike) can now enjoy a discounted ARA membership fee of only $55  Head over to the ARA Website and check it out.
23 March 2012New version of OpenRocket available - including a version for Android phones and tablets.  New features include compatibility with .RKT files (Rocksim).
27 February 2012Great visit to the NSWRA - check out the video
12 February 2012Heading up to Sydney on 25 Feb to meet with the NSWRA team and see how things are run.  Plenty of hints and tips to follow.
9 January 2012Great little app for the iOS brigade (iPhones, iPads etc) - "Rocket Calculator" - see the Software and Designs page
5  December 2011Calendar for 2012 flying is now up. Why don't you join us!
5 December 2011Report and pictures from our December launch are up.  Be sure to check out the 'Flying Fez' and download the design from our Software page
7 November Report and pictures from our November launch are up.  Also an OpenRocket design for the AeroTech Arreaux.
10 SeptemberGreat presentation on hobby and amateur rocketry by Steve Jurvetson - YouTube link.
5 SeptemberNev B presented to the Gungahlin chapter of Rotary - great interest and a very positive response.  Here's the presentation in PDF format.
4 SeptemberGreat launch - good turn-out and some impressive flights.  Anyone have any photos?  Check out the launch report and videos.
13 AugustSite has been updated with pictures and videos from the August 7 mach-busting egg-loft.....(well, not both together, but we did do both!)
10 JulyMore videos uploaded to the CRG's YouTube channel, including some on-board clips.  Check them out.
7 JulyThe CRG is having it's first competition!  Come along on August 7 and join in the Egg Loft, or just to watch the carnage.  Should be a "cracking" good time!!
7 JulyJuly 3 launch report and pics added.
19 JuneJune 5 launch report and photos added.
12 JuneNew version (1.1.5) of OpenRocket has been released - better printing support.
1 JuneARA membership renewals are due soon - payments can be made online.
3 MayMay 1 launch report and photos added to the album.
17 AprilAdded design to Software page.
10 AprilWe're now on YouTube!  Visit from the Videos link on the main page.  A collection of launch videos from members and guests.
10 AprilLaunch report & pictures from April 3 added.
12 March 2011Software and Designs page added - check it out!
6 March 2011Rock(et) and roll! - a great day out for a good group of rocketeers, with thrills, spills and good fun!  See the Pics and Reports
6 February 2011First launch held - fairly quiet, but the weather was a little difficult.  See launch reports
31 January 20112011 Launch calendar published - first group launch on our new site is on February 6.
30 Jaunary 2011Photo albums updated
29 January 2011 Success!  An agreement in principle has been reached with a generous landowner in the Yass district - an easy 45 minute drive from Belconnen. Kudos to group member Rob, who did the ground-work to introduce the group (and the ARA) to the owners.
The property has been visited and there are several quite suitable sites for low-power flying initially, with potential to move up to mid-power launches once we become established.  A calendar for 2011 launch dates is being drawn up, and will be published once our landowner has had a chance to check it over. At this stage, we are proposing monthly launches, however this may change, subject to interest and arrangements.  Please note, that because this site is on private property, there must be no rocketry activity outside of the agreed schedule.
The area is outside of controlled airspace up to 6,500 feet (4,750 feet above ground) - giving plenty of scope.
Check out the Launch Sites page for details and dimensions of the site, as well as driving directions.
August 2010CRG now on Twitter!
To help group members, the CRG is now on Twitter.  Be sure to follow @CBRocketry to be kept up-to-date on launch dates, events & news.

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