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Through the Tripoli Rocketry Association Inc, all CRG rocketeers, who maintain their finacial membership of the TRA are automatically covered by a US$3 million public and products liability policy.

This policy provides protection and peace-of-mind to members, land-owners, observers and other involved parties, in the extremely remote event that a property loss or injury is sustained as a result of the activities of the group.

It is worthy of note here too, that model, hobby and amateur rocketry has an impeccable safety record in Australia and internationally, with no known incidents or accidents in the 50-year history of active rocketeering.

A copy of the insurance certificate of currency is held by the CRG coordinator (it cannot be published on any website).  Please get in touch if you would like to sight the document, or have it provided as evidence of cover when negotiating the use of a field.

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