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Want to certify for High Power?

Canberra Rocketry Group, through our affiliation with the Tripoli Rocketry Association, is pleased to be able to provide approved certification to Tripoli Level 1 and Level 2 High Power Rocketry standards.

Your TRA HPR certification through CRG will be recognised world-wide and will allow you to take your rocketry endeavours to new heights (pun intentional of course)!

For general information about High Power Rocketry in NSW, please see our general information page.

To answer many of the questions that you may have about preparing for and undertaking your own HPR certification assessments, we've prepared the following outlines of the steps involved.

The pathway that you choose will depend predominantly on the nature of your involvement:

I am interested in obtaining HPR certification and I am:

An individual pursuing rocketry as a hobby or pastime?
See the Individual Certification Requirements section below
A student doing a course of education, but not related to rocketry?
See the Individual Certification Requirements section below
A student or teacher considering a course of education that involves rocketry as part of the a defined syllabus?
See the Educational Institution Guidance section below
A student involved in a one-off formal rocketry project as part of a group?
See the Educational Project Guidance section below

Individual Certification Requirements

Our first recommendation - don't be in a rush to seek HPR certification.  Experience is key in all forms of rocketry - the skills you develop and consolidate in low and mid-power rocketry will stand you very well as you move towards your HPR goals. We've seen plenty of people rush into HPR with limited previous experience - only to experience failures and losses that probably wouldn't have occurred if they'd had a bit more LPR experience. 
Plus - it's a lot cheaper to get experience in low and mid-power than it is at high-power!

Individuals seeking to pursue Tripoli Level-1 High Power certification through CRG should ensure they are able to satisfy the following basic minimum requirements:
  1. Be a financial member of the Tripoli Rocketry Association. Membership of CRG is not required for visiting rocketeers, but is certainly encouraged to help us cover costs.
  2. Have applied for and received from SafeWork NSW, a Pyrotechnician's Licence (endorsed for model rocket propellant devices) and a Security Clearance.
  3. Have conducted a minimum of five (5) successful medium-power flights (a combination of F & G motors) with CRG or other recognised rocketry group.  The more experience the better though.
  4. Have built and successfully flown multiple (i.e. more than one) rocketry vehicle (kits or scratch-builds), and
  5. Have constructed the rocket being used for the certification attempt themselves.
Once you've got that stuff under your belt (or at any time), discuss your certification assessment with our Prefect.

Individuals seeking Tripoli Level-2 High Power certification through CRG should, in addition to having met all the requirements for, and achieved Level-1 as above, be able to demonstrate the following:
  1. Have sat and achieved a passing score on the Tripoli Rocketry Association Level-2 HPR examinations within the qualifying period.
  2. Have undertaken at least five (5) successful Level-1 flights (H or I motors) with CRG or other recognised rocketry group.
  3. Have built and successfully flown multiple (i.e. more than one) rocketry vehicle as part of their Level-1 experience, and
  4. Have constructed the rocket being used for the certification attempt themselves.

Educational Institution Guidance

Canberra Rocketry Group strongly supports the inclusion of all forms of rocketry into the STEM programs of all educational institutions.  Rocketry allows students to bridge the gap between theory and the real-world in a way which is inspiring, challenging and lots of fun!

For educators wishing to bring High Power rocketry into their programs, we recommend that the class presenter, teacher, tutor or supervisor themselves seek HPR certification along the lines laid out for individuals (above).  This will ensure that, as a responsible party, you will have the necessary knowledge to keep all activities safe and extract the maximum value from the engagement. This process is not necessary for low and mid-power rocketry; it is only required if your group wishes to fly high-power rockets. CRG has professional educators on our committee and would be happy to discuss your requirements or ideas.

Students doing a course or subject involving rocketry that extends (or might extend) into the higher-power realm, we would in the first instance suggest that you encourage the course supervisor to obtain individual certification along the lines above.  This would certainly be the most practical and cost-effective way of meeting the legislative and certification requirements.  Contact us!

Educational Project Guidance

CRG recognises that students may also wish to pursue a one-off rocketry-based project as part of their secondary or tertiary education, yet may not be able to commit to the time and expense associated with seeking the necessary SafeWork NSW approvals and experience requirements.  In these cases, CRG can consider a one-time sponsored launch arrangement, whereby a suitably-endorsed and licensed CRG member can oversee and mentor the group for the necessary aspects of the vehicle design, construction, motor acquisition and flight.  This will provide access to our approved HPR launch site and a wealth of technical knowledge from our experienced team.

If your group would like to be considered for one-off sponsored launch arrangements, please contact CRG and provide us with comprehensive details of the project including simulation & design files, the involved educational institution and team members (particularly the team lead).

We'd be happy to help!

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